10 Creative Instagram Story IdeasThese creative Instagram Story ideas will help you create an endless well of content to draw from and get the most bang for your buck from the platform.

Your brand’s Instagram Story is the perfect place to engage followers, promote new products, and increase your brand’s awareness.

After all, more than 500 million users watch Instagram Stories daily. So if you’re not using the feature as part of your social media strategy, you’re potentially leaving a lot of money on the table.

But what exactly should you put on your Instagram Story? Luckily, we’re here to answer that question. Let’s jump right into it!

  • Promote Posts From Your Feed

Reposting your new feed post as an Instagram Story can help get your followers notified about recent uploads. And there are a handful of possible shots that didn’t cut the feed, right? Instead of deleting them, share them on Instagram Stories to glimpse into how you choose your photos.

  • Feature Content from Other Accounts

A great way to build a sense of community is to collaborate and feature other content from other accounts in your Stories to develop meaningful relationships with other creators. If you genuinely admire or like another creator’s page, don’t be afraid to share their content once in a while. This enables mutual growth for your accounts and a sense of community about your shared interests.

  • Share Instagram Stories that Mention You

It’s a great way to share any features your brand may have got and helps get the word out.

  • Showcase Your Work

This works best if you are an artist or a freelance designer, photographer, etc. If you’re just starting with a new account, introduce yourself and ask your followers and friends to help spread the word by posting your work on their Stories and giving your budget a shout-out. Keep it simple — show off what you’ve done and let your work do the talking.

  • Do Q&A Videos

Put out an open call for questions, and then record yourself answering those. Share this on your Instagram Stories.

  • Create a Series

A regular series, as a part of which you post daily or weekly Stories consistently, lets your followers know when to look out for your content. It could be as simple as a Tuesday Tip, a motivational quote, or a recurring challenge that you’re taking up.

  • Promote A Recent Blog

One of the best ideas for Insta Stories is to promote recent blogs or posts that you’ve published. It will help your followers stay up-to-date with your content in real-time.

  • Promote Your Product

If you have products to promote, photograph them against an appealing background. If you have a service, post promotional videos speaking about the benefits.

  • Do a Countdown Story To Hint at an Upcoming Post or Video

This is a teaser to pique your followers’ interest and keep them tuned in to what’s coming next. Ensure your preview is enticing and doesn’t give away too many details! You can add a countdown sticker to tell them when they can expect the post, video, or release to drop.

  • Promote Testimonials & Reviews

Seeing is believing. Testimonials and reviews act as social proof— the best way to spread the word about your business. After all, people want to work with or buy products from companies that get the job done.

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