Influencer MarketingLeveraging the right advocates to build trust and grow beloved brands.

Matching brands with the right advocates in digital

With more ads than ever vying for their attention, consumers today are selective with their trust. To cut through, brands need advocates their audiences like and believe in – which is where influencers shine.

As influencer marketing has gone mainstream, it’s no surprise that companies want to have an influencer – or many influencers – on their side. But it’s not one-size-fits-all. Instead of chasing the biggest names with the most likes, brands need to identify and connect with people that reflect their brand values.

Pivot Digital Media leverages strategic thinking and social savvy to act as digital matchmakers, scouting out the select few that authentically represent your brand. By doing the hard work of making connections and deepening them over time, we build better relationships to drive superior results.


How strategic influencer marketing
put the focus on Marriott Accra Hotel’s luxe facilities

Watch one of the 6 videos Pivots created for Marriott Accra Hotel as part of our influencer marketing activities.

We helped drum up excitement for Marriott Accra Hotel’s Ultra-Modern Facility in Accra through a highly targeted, branded influencer campaign.

A better influencer marketing partner

Smart marketers focus on creating natural relationships with online trendsetters, no matter the size of their following. Look for agencies that:

Aren’t blinded by follower counts. Just because someone has a million followers doesn’t mean they’ll get you a million fans. Experienced teams know how to spot the right people to promote your product – whether that’s micro-influencers or a true celebrity.

Understand the needs of influencers. Many influencers make their living online. As excited as they may be to work with your brand, they also need to see how it benefits them. Partner with an agency that influencers like and will go the extra mile to help.

Get the brand balance right. Influencers have already put in the time to bond with their audience, so good influencer marketers don’t insist on total creative control. At the same time, influencer marketers should always be advocating for a relationship that serves the brand and the creator alike.

How we approach influencer marketing

We look closely at your business, your audience, and the industry landscape, forging strong bonds with impactful personalities.

Search + Discovery

Starting with you

We can’t find someone who embodies your brand until we understand what your brand is all about. To do this, our team sits down yours to learn more about what your brand stands for, what your business priorities are, and what your influencer marketing needs to achieve.

Gauging the crowd

Influencers are your gateway to your audience. Who do you want to speak to? We supplement any audience insights you have with deep research of our own, to identify the people you should be talking to and the kinds of messages that will resonate with them.

Influencer List Creation

Who’s who?

Our team leverages our research to begin identifying influencers your brand could partner with. This is more than a followers-and-likes game – it’s a question of cultural fit. We ask: Does this person match our brand values? What does their audience look like? Are these the people we want to reach?

We are a strong advocate of micro-influencers because they tend to have smaller, more engaged followings and more organic interactions. However, we can and do pursue bigger fish when our strategy demands it. No matter what approach we take, we keep clients in the loop and give you the last call, so you know who is advocating for your brand and what they stand for.

Making the connection

Once promising influencers have been identified, our team owns the outreach process. We stay in a constant dialogue with you and the influencer, facilitating a fruitful relationship. Throughout this process, we act as an advocate and partner for your brand, guiding the engagement in a way that benefits all parties.

Deployment + Reporting

Staying Results-focused

Once a campaign is out in the wild, our team keeps a close tab on engagement and conversion metrics, feeding them back to our data team and using the insights they provide to improve for the future.

Let’s Discuss What’s Next

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